About Me

At this messy moment, I'm just here. 

Azzie, 33, single, almost divorced, part time shop assistant and mum to a 7 (going on 17) year old mademoiselle. I'm not the kinda super human seeming ones who write some blogs I have a gander at, but just a normal, everyday mom. I love God, my daughter (obviously), Lego, Star Wars and many other random and wonderful things. I have good family, good friends and I'm content. 

I'm a Christian now of the Church in Wales/Anglican flavour. I also spent 15 years of my life as a Jehovah's Witness. Long story there. For a while after I left, life was pretty difficult and I suffered with depression and anxiety. The anxiety still likes to rear its head from time to time. One day I will share my story.

Life is awful messy. That is just a fact.I haven't got anything figured out yet but I know God has got my back. My faith is what keeps me going every single messy day.

Living out the Christian faith is also messy and sometimes hard. So it's a good thing that God doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and pitching in. After all, He came to earth and lived among us, with us and suffered the same messy life. He knows the deal. So he's gonna help us out. I know throughout my messiest moments He has always showed me His love, grace and goodness, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. 

So here I am writing about all these messy moments.

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